Monday, 13 February 2012

A Violetta Villas Valentine's Day!

To everyone who finds themselves single on Valentine's Day -- Violetta Villas feels your pain! Listen to the late, great Polska diva (1938 - 2011) cast aside boring concepts like "nuance" and "restraint" and tear the weepy Barbra Streisand ballad "Free Again" a whole new *sshole on her ultra-campy 1970 TV special. She really RAMPAGES through the song for almost five whole minutes (I especially love how Violetta punctuates the song with bitter little laughs). This posting is timely in more ways than one: Violetta's last-ever public concert was on 14 February 2011 (exactly one year ago today), after which she retired from performing and was dead by the end of the year.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I may lift this, very soon!

    What pain!
    A true Valentine treat,
    Thank you,


  2. By all means! Spread the magic of Violetta Villas! Glad you liked it. x

  3. Awesome! But what Violetta seems to imply here is that if I don't fall
    head over heels in love soon, I'm likely to suffer a histrionic mental
    and emotional breakdown.

    ps. Is that the robe of the priesthood she's wearing?