Saturday, 30 May 2015

The next LOBOTOMY ROOM ... Friday 26 June 2015 at Fontaine's!

Leave all sense of shame and propriety at the door - when LOBOTOMY ROOM returns to its new home, the subterranean Bamboo Lounge of Dalston's opulent Art Deco vice palace Fontaine’s!

At last - a club night for the hillbilly beau monde! LOBOTOMY ROOM! Where sin lives! A punkabilly beer blast! A spectacle of decadence for the permissive Continentally-minded! A Mondo Trasho evening of Beat, Beat Beatsville Beatnik Rock’n’Roll! Rockabilly Psychosis! Wailing Rhythm and Blues! Twisted Tittyshakers! Punk Cretin Hops! Kitsch! Exotica! Curiosities and other Weird Shit! Think John Waters soundtracks, or Songs The Cramps Taught Us, hosted by Graham Russell (of Dr Sketchy and Cockabilly notoriety). Expect desperate stabs from the jukebox jungle! Savage rhythms to make you writhe and rock!

Lobotomy Room: Faster. Further. Filthier.

A tawdry good time guaranteed!

Admission: £5.00

9 pm - 1 am

Scrawl the date in blood: the debut of Lobotomy Room at Fontaine's is Friday 26 June 2015! The putrid social event of summer 2015!

Flyer cover girl: Jayne Mansfield and chihuahua. Artwork by Ego Rodriguez Illustration 

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