Monday, 22 August 2011

Canada Bound

I’m blowing this gosh forsaken heckhole (to paraphrase Marge Simpson) tomorrow to go to Canada (depart 23 August, arrive back on 2 September. Am sure I’ll be kissing the tarmac at Heathrow airport when I get back. Visiting Canada once a year is great, but I miss London while am there). I pretty much go annually, usually around the beginning of September as soon as peak travel season is over and the prices return to normal. This year I nabbed a decent affordable-ish flight for August, so am hoping the weather will be good and I’ll be going to the beach every day (my mother’s house in rural Quebec is walking distance from the beach).

Don’t suppose anyone has urgent tips on breaking the news to your mother you now have big tattoos on your arms? I’ve not mentioned it in advance and think just taking off my jacket and waiting for her to notice isn’t the right approach! Most of you probably don’t realize quite how rural / square my background is (the reason I hot footed it to London in the early 90s in the first place). Am just hoping it won't be a big emotional scene! I’m intending to take the “I waited until I was 41” angle. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, please watch this brief clip for a snapshot of Canadian culture and politics, and reflect on this woman’s wise words about bilingualism.


  1. Oh yes...Well, maybe she'll just be so glad to see you that she won't even care. Fingers crossed! Have a great trip.

  2. Phew! She called me last night and I blurted out that I have some new tattoos on my arms -- and mercifully, she was fine with it. So she's also prepared for seeing them.

  3. Honey I'm a little high.

    Welcome to Canada!

    My friend (no, that's not her) used to live around the corner from where that footage was shot.

  4. Hey, MJ: I go back to Canada once a year, usually around end of August / beginning of September when peak season ends and the plane ticket prices go back to normal, and so I get a bit of Canadian summer. Wow, wish that HAD been your friend in that video! We should all be as comfortable with our imperfections as that woman (even if she is clearly a wackjob!).