Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Cockabilly! 7 December 2011 at The George & Dragon

Am doing a last-minute spurt of Christmas-related blogging now, ‘cause I figure in about 48-hours no one will want to read anything to do with Christmas!

The December Cockabilly (so therefore the Christmas Cockabilly) was on 7 December 2011. I didn’t do any DJ’ing at this one, but I did bring my camera, so this instalment won’t feature a set list but will be photo-heavy instead.

First of all, two photos that cropped up from the November 2011 Cockabilly taken by Mal Nicholson (alongside co-promoter/organiser Paul Draggoni, he's the brains behind Cockabilly). As a general rule, if the photo is sepia-toned, it’s Mal’s!

Cockabilly Nov 11
Christopher and I

Cockabilly Nov 11 2
Me looking utterly gormless behind the DJ booth!

OK, back to my friends going apeshit crazy at the December 2011 Christmas Cockabilly.

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 012
Christopher and Lauren

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 013
Craig, Therese and Paul

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 014
Therese and James

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 015
Christopher and Mal Nicholson

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 017
Therese and Christopher

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 019
Lauren and Paul -- simulating anal sex?! Let's not dwell on this for too long and move along swiftly

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 027
Lauren and Therese dancing (Erika and Mal visible in the background)

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 028
Lauren and Therese getting dramatic

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 029
Richard and Lauren: nice Jayne Mansfield-style cleavage shot of Lauren

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 034
Therese and Lauren lezzing-up (you'd never know it, but they'd never met before that night)

Cockabilly 7 Dec 2011 035
James and Erika

Cockabilly at The George & Dragon: 7 December 2011
Therese and I. Paul apparently pretending he doesn't know us. Eine foto von Mal Nicholson. (You can see more shots on my flickr page).

The next Cockabilly is 4 January 2011. In the meantime, wishing everyone a Tom of Finland Christmas!

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