Friday, 16 July 2010

Dr Sketchy Set List for 14 July 2010

Another great Dr Sketchy night at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, probably my favourite venue to DJ at. Because it fell on 14 July, the night had a Bastille Day theme -- which explains why you see more French music than usual by the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Juliette Greco, Edith Piaf and Brigitte Bardot twined amongst the customary vintage sleaze. A particular highlight: our glamorous Parisian model Mam'zelle Maz demonstrated she was talented as well as beautiful by warbling a husky-voiced French chanson.

Frankie and Johnny - Bill Black Combo
Wino - Jack McVea
Wait a Minute Baby - Esquerita
Evil Gal Blues - Ann Richards
Bop Pills - Macy "Skip" Skipper
Cafe Bohemian - The Enchanters
Baby Let Me Bang Your Box - The Bangers
Monkey Bird - The Revels
Taki Rari - Yma Sumac
Chihuahua - Luis Oliveira and His Bandodalua Boys
Jim Dandy - LaVerne Baker
Frenzy - The Hindus
Salamander - Mamie van Doren
Drive Daddy Drive - Little Sylvia
Tight Skirt, Tight Sweater - The Versatones
Nosey Joe - Bull Moose Jackson
The Whip - The Originals
Rock Me All Night Long - Ella Mae Morse
Roll with Me Henry - Etta James
Fool I Am - Pat Ferguson
Blue Kat - Chuck Rio & The Originals
I Was Born to Cry - Dion
Fever - Ann-Margret
Beat Girl - John Barry (Beat Girl Soundtrack)
Crazy Horse Swing - Serge Gainsbourg (Strip-Tease soundtrack)
Lover - Peggy Lee
Paris Canaille - Juliette Greco
Sexe - Line Renaud
Dormir - Denise Darcel
The Touch - Eartha Kitt
The Beast - Milt Buckner
Night Train - Alvino Rey
Je Sais Que Vous êtes Jolie- Marlene Dietrich
My Man - Denise Darcel
T'es Beau Tu Sais - Edith Piaf
He Is A Man - Lizabeth Scott
My Man - Eartha Kitt
I Want a Boy - Connie Russell
Bewildered - Shirley and Lee
Yogi - Bill Black Combo
Call Me Irresponsible - Dinah Washington
Hearts of Stone - Rudy Grey
Sous Les Ciels de Paris - Juliette Greco
The Girls of Paris - Lee Hazlewood
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Sam Butera
Je T'Aime, Moi Non Plus - Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot
La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf
Uptown to Harlem - Johnny Thunders & Patti Paladin
No Good Lover - Mickey & Sylvia
Lucille - Little Richard
Little Things Mean a Lot - Jayne Mansfield
Chicken Grabber - The Nite Hawks
I'm In Love for the Very First Time - Diana Dors
Shangri-La - Spike Jones New Band
All of Me - Mae West
Oh, Baby - Esquerita
I'm a Bad, Bad Girl - Little Esther
Je Me Donne a Qui Me Plait - Brigitte Bardot
Les Cigarillos - Serge Gainsbourg

The delectable Brigitte Bardot in her sex kitten prime singing "Je Me Donne a Qui Me Plait" in a strange bouffant black wig:

One of my perennial favourite tunes to play at Dr Sketchy is the sleazy and atmospheric bump and grind instrumental "Blue Kat" by Chuck Rio & The Originals -- that saxophone! I first heard it on the soundtrack of John Water's 1974 trash epic Female Trouble and it's haunted me ever since. (John Waters soundtracks are an endless source of inspiration for me). I can't imagine not playing this song at a Dr Sketchy.

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rock Chicks Unite!

Rock chicks unite! Ian from The Baby Janes and Jane, formerly of Naked Ruby now in The Deptford Beach Babes, photographed on 13 July 2010 outside The Royal Vauxhall Tavern where The Baby Janes later played a memorable gig. Moments earlier Ian had serenaded Jane with a medley of songs from Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English album. It was like a twisted variation of those scenes from old Elvis Presley films where he sings to his leading lady (say, Ann-Margret or Nancy Sinatra) and they stare dreamily into his eyes. This being Vauxhall, the bystanders included the local outdoor Special Brew drinkers.

Watch this charming clip of The Baby Janes in action from that night. Punk performance art at its finest!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rachael's Birthday 2010

Everyone’s favourite gritty Yorkshire lass Rachael turned 32 on 2 July 2010. She celebrated her birthday with a boozy and raucous party on Saturday 3 July at the appropriately louche and theatrical Phoenix Artist Club in the heart of London’s glittering West End. The hostess looked radiant in a faux-vintage halter neck black dress, her hair styled by Miss Betty of It's Something Hell's on Carnaby Street. Take a peek at these exclusive pics!