Monday, 20 April 2015

15 April 2015 Cockabilly DJ Set List

As promised / threatened on Facebook:

"Drag a comb through your quiff, swallow a fistful of bop pills and rock around the cock – at COCKABILLY! 

COCKABILLY returns to the louche surroundings of The George & Dragon in Shoreditch this Wednesday night (15 April 2015)! Gay greasers, leather boys, cry-babies, prison wives and juvenile delinquents of all ages are welcome at Cockabilly - London’s only regular queer rockabilly night! With DJ Mal Practice and I spinning all your favourite rancid vintage sleaze classicks! FREE admission. 8 - Midnight."

/ Esquerita (1935-1986) - the human face of Cockabilly /

This post will be another quickie. Much as I want to document the most recent Cockabilly, I got back from my American misadventures on 11 April (I went to the annual Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekender – first time since 2013 – followed by a few days bar-hopping in decadent New Orleans) and devoting an epic tell-all blog to that soon while the putrid details are still relatively fresh in my addled mind is top priority.

Happily, this was one of the best Cockabilles in ages. I had friends in attendance (Pal and Christopher) and no one behind the bar gestured to Mal and I to turn the volume down once all night. (Trust me – there is no greater buzz kill for a DJ!). It definitely made for a more liberating and raucous atmosphere. (Well, that and copious beer).

/ "Blacky" as captured by the great homoerotic Swiss photographer Karlheinz Weinberger. Zurich 1962 /

Musically in my tight and succinct hour-long set I whipped together greasy rhythm and blues, frenzied rockabilly white trash rockers, some twisted atomic-era kitsch pop inspired by Kenneth Anger and David Lynch soundtracks (I've Told Every Little Star” unforgettably features in Lynch’s Mulholland Drive), then brought things to a punk-y conclusion. (The Bobby Bare track was my tribute to 1950s horror movie hostess Maila Nurmi (1922 - 2008) - I bought not one but two Vampira t-shirts in Las Vegas!). 

My best new recent discovery (via my friend Kevin in New Orleans) is The Ramonetures, who do tough, twang-y instrumental surf versions of punk songs by The Ramones and X. (The Ramonetures aren't new: their debut Ramones cover album came out in 2000 and their X-related follow-up Johnny Walk Don’t Run Pauline in 2001 – but they’re new to me! And destined to become a staple in my sets). 

/ Adorable young Etta James - bad girl of rhythm and blues /

Let's Go, Baby - Billy Eldridge
Your Phone's off the Hook - The Ramonetures
Vampira - Bobby Bare
Beat Girl - ZZ en De Maskers
Beat Generation - Mamie Van Doren
Believe What You Say - Ricky Nelson
Killer - Sparkle Moore ("screaming" version)
Woo-hoo - The Rock-A-Teens
Red Hot Car - Bobby Verne
Train to Nowhere - The Champs
The Flirt - Shirley and Lee
Welfare Cheese - Emanuel Laskey
Party Lights - Claudine Clark
What Do You Think I Am? Ike and Tina Turner
Maybe Baby - Esquerita
Rip It Up - Little Richard
Little Darlin' - Masaaki Hirao
I Will Follow Him - Little Peggy March
How Much Love Can One Heart Hold? Joe Perkins and The Rookies
I've Told Every Little Star - Linda Scott
Roll with Me, Henry - Etta James
Hearts Made of Stone - Rudy Gray
Wiped Out - The Escorts
Action Packed - Ronnie Dee
Whistle Bait - The Collins Kids
Rock Around the Clock - The Sex Pistols
Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramonetures
What's Inside a Girl? The Cramps

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